Investment Properties: How to Make Great Money in a Down Market

Unfortunately for many people there hasn’t been a worse time in recent memory to be selling your home. But, fortunately for you if you’re in the market for investment properties there hasn’t been a better time to be finding some great deals! While buying investment property while it seems every day brings headlines of more foreclosures and woes in the housing market, if you’re looking at it in the right mindset, you should see nothing but opportunity, especially if you’re trying to find homes for cheap in a foreclosure auction Continue reading “Investment Properties: How to Make Great Money in a Down Market”

Best Way to Refinance Investment Property

With today’s record low interest rates, there hasn’t been a better time to refinance investment property in recent memory. The best route to take advantage of these low interest rates is to compare rates online with a broker. When you use Mortgage Loans, you can have lenders compete for your business so you’ll know that you’re getting the best offer with the terms and conditions that you like. If you’re ready to look at rates, you can start by using the block to the left to see what you qualify for, otherwise find out more about the process below. Continue reading “Best Way to Refinance Investment Property”

Ocean Front Real Estate

Ocean Front Real Estate is a great buy for many different reasons. It makes a great second home and a great investment or business opportunity. If you’re searching for beachfront property you have two options, either buy land with an existing home on it or land without a home already built on it. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you’re buying either. Continue reading “Ocean Front Real Estate”

How To Choose The Estate Agents In The South Woodham Ferrers?

The South Woodham Ferrers is a town of the English county of Essex. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the town is that it is about 56 km away from the city of London and in the east of Fenn Creek that meets with the River Crouch. The location of the town, therefore, ushers to an ecologically balanced living ambience there. Continue reading “How To Choose The Estate Agents In The South Woodham Ferrers?”

Distress Dubai property

Dubai real estate prices have dipped due to the economic downturn plus oversupply of units and there are many distressed property deals to be had at the moment. Such scenarios distress Dubai property big time and while many investors and real estate developers are struggling with the current Dubai property situation, there are others who could benefit from the same deplorable state of affairs. Those with the know-how and means to transform something bad into one that is good take a look at Dubai properties currently on the market and see opportunities FazWaz UAE can help you. Distress Dubai property can feature property sales for luxury villas starting at Dhs 750,000 and apartments at Dhs 229,845. The unfortunate circumstance of the investing public is now a chance for others with the funds to capitalize on the ailing Dubai property market. Continue reading “Distress Dubai property”

Vietnam Property: Buying property in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc’s property market is something of an anomaly in Vietnam Property market as the Vietnamese government recently announced that it was to allow permanent foreign residents and overseas Vietnamese to purchase houses there. The move was included in a recent prime ministerial decision on the region’s operation statute, which was issued as part of a bigger plan to build the largely undeveloped area into a world-class tourist destination. The Vietnam government’s decision allows permanent foreign residents to take out long-term leases on land and overseas Vietnamese to purchase houses with attached land use rights. However, the government is yet to confirm the duration the land leases being made available to foreigners will be for. Continue reading “Vietnam Property: Buying property in Phu Quoc”