Kentucky real estate

Jul 2, 2017 Property News

Kentucky real estate

Kentucky real estate is a great buy right now. Very good purchase price, and great temperatures year round. Not extreme cold as one would experience further north, but not broiling hot as far south.

The mid-south, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Northern Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi have experienced a growth in population as those looking to move from the cold winter temperatures search for a reasonably priced region where property and homes can be purchased without the high prices of Florida and Texas.

If you enjoy outdoor people watching and Southern culture, you have got to experience Derby week in Louisville, KY. The KY Derby is preceded on a Friday by the KY Oaks. You may want to check on Church Hill Downs on that day also. There is a casino (Caesar’s Indiana) across the Ohio river from downtown Louisville that you may want to visit. It is located in an area called New Albany and it has a large and well organized poker room for a river boat casino. To the South of Louisville are several whiskey distilleries that host visits from coneiseurs as myself and the US gold reserves are at Fort Knox, an army base southwest of Louisville.

Kentucky is very big in Blue Grass Festivals. It is kind of the tradition of the people. The state is very popular in their blue grass music.

The blue grass music is very American and the instrument that they use is a banjo. The History of Blue Grass Music is very amazing as it dates back in 1600.