Renting a Room in Luxembourg

Jul 10, 2020 Property Rentals
Limpertsberg Luxembourg

Rental prices in the Grand Duchy are always rising, and that’s a fact, even when there is a worldwide Pandemic crisis. Some would even dare to think that because of the current pandemic, it would decline, at least a bit. However, nothing like that happened.

That’s why more and more people opt for a more economical choice – to live under a shared roof. Renting a room in Luxembourg, rather than the entire flat or apartment, is getting quite normal these days.

Even more, it’s very peculiar that not just the students but plenty of working professionals choose to rent a room and live under one roof with other people.

How to rent a room in Luxembourg?

You rent a room in Luxembourg, the same way as you rent an apartment, a house, or any other type of residential property. You scout the newspapers, Facebook groups, or you go to a real estate agency such as Vauban&Fort.

Another common nominator for the rental market in Luxembourg is scarcity. The demand always outweighs the offering. That also applies to this particular segment of the rental market – room rental.

So, when you find something close to your criteria, don’t ponder too much on whether you are going to choose it or wait out for a better opportunity. You never know when that better opportunity will come.

rent a room Luxembourg

The benefits of renting a room in Luxembourg

  • It is much cheaper to rent a room than the entire apartment. That’s a couple of hundred euros savings each month.
  • You get to share the insurance coverage as well. Typically, landlords ask for both civil liability insurance and rental risk insurance. That expense can be shared among the tenants living in the same apartment. Again, that will feel good on your budget.
  • You get to meet new, interesting people. That can come handy if you are new in town and you don’t know anyone. Not only you can make new friends, but you can ask your co-renters to show you around the city. That way, you can easily adapt to life in the Grand Dutchy.

The downside of renting a room in Luxembourg

  • Living under one roof with other people might be fun for some people, but for others not so much. Very often that means sharing a bathroom, a kitchen, and other household amenities. That can easily complicate things.

In conclusion

Living under one roof with other people might not be for everyone. But if you are comfortable with that, you should go for it. Truth is most students and working professionals that opt for shared living in Luxembourg are easy-going progressive folks.

Most of them are either from the neighboring or some other European countries. A smaller percentage comes out of the EU.

All in all, you know both the positive and the negative sides of renting a room and sharing a place. Weigh-in on all that and decide if you are going to give it a try.